Family Owned

About Us

Calgary ChocoSweeats Factorie started in 2019 is a family-owned business based in Alberta, Calgary.


Calgary ChocoSweeats Factorie offers specialty bars that don’t exist anywhere else in the world. We have formulated specialty flavors that are unique to Calgary ChocoSweeats Factorie. All of these bars are mouth-wateringly delicious and are a must-try. So, tick Calgary ChocoSweeats Factorie off your bucket list, we promise you will not be disappointed.

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Our Logo

  • Crown – Try to symbolize that our mission is to win the crown through the hearts of chocolate lover customers, who love the uniqueness and hard work behind every bite
  • Calgary – It reflects that it's our home town and also from where we started our business with lots of support from our friends, family, and customers like you❤️
  • ChocoSweeats – It defines our product areas:
    Choco = Chocolate
    Sweeats = Candies, gummies, etc. and
    the hidden / merged Eats = Any other sweets like cake, pie, etc.
  • Factorie – A different way of writing shows that sometimes you have to think outside box and creative in your ideas and thinking

Our Motto

Our motto is clearly defined in our logo – ‘We Build Sweet Relations’. For us, the way we build a relation of chocolate and fruit and create a masterpiece it's important for us that our customers get the same unique experience so that we can build a long-lasting 🍫 Sweet Relation.

Support Local

As a small business, we rely on customers like you and prefer to pass this by supporting other local businesses, that’s why we try to source all of our products locally without sacrificing quality and taste. So please keep supporting us 


All of our products are handcrafted and hand packaged with love and care pass on to the chocolate lovers like you.

Batch Work

We prefer to make small batches and include sweet memories of everyday life which we pass to you with a smile.


We do not have any retail store at this stage but prefer to have one in the future, in the meanwhile, we prefer to work in our AHS approved commercial kitchen (chocolate room) where we whipping up batches of delicious goodies daily for you.

Our product is perfect for:

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Ideal Gift 

Wedding Anniversary, Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Teacher’s Day, Thanks Giving, Christmas, Thank you, Well Done, Good Luck, and on other occasions…

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Happy moment’s

Parties, Weddings or maybe just for yourself or with your loved one to enjoy in the couch

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Corporate Gifts

Client Appreciation, Customer Rewards, Staff Rewards, Promotions, Fundraising, Meetings, Milestone achievements, and on other occasions…

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Small Business

Cafés, Gourmet Stores, Speciality Stores, Artisan Stores, Florist Stores, and in other areas…

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For Gift Basket addition, Retail stores, and in other areas…